Flat Bed Platform Wagon

Flat Bed Platform Wagon

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A Flat Bed wagon. with detail of separate planking on the bed and brake gear on the under side.        
Detailing includes individual planks to form the flat bed, tie down loops on the underframe.      
Brake levers fitted both sides and brake frames between the wheels.     
Supplied ready to run and painted in Slate Grey or Evergreen with black under frames.      
Runs with GRS L&B metal wheel sets, fitted with brass bush.
Manufactured to a freelance design and laser cut from 3mm Birch plywood      
The Open Wagon has:- Freelance design      
Ready To Run Planking on flat bed      
Painted in Slate Grey or Evergreen livery           
Made and beautifully scaled for G 45mm or SM 32 gauge Garden Railways                      
The Model:-            Fitted with GRS L&B 24mm wheel sets Brass Axle bearings (oiled)  Supplied with Binnies Centre coupling        Painted in the Slate Grey Livery        Underside painted in black gloss.                4 Wheel Platform Wagons for the SM32 / 45MM Garden Sets              Measurements :              Length over beams: 180mm Dimensions: L180mm x W110mm X H150mm Wheelbase: 80mm Length over buffers: 222mm  Gauge: 45mm/SM32

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