Flexity Tram

A modern narrow gauge Flexity style tram solution for garden railways with the options of having three car, five car and seven car units.

Our unique Flexity 2 style modern tram is based on the Bombardier design and represents a narrow gauge solution for 16mm scale and G Scale garden railways. The base unit is a three car set with the power car, suspended pantograph coach and trailer car with full interior detailing for seating and hand rails, lighting and roof detailing. The front features bi-direction twin lighting bar with a notice board header above the cab window and indicator lights each side. 

The extension set adds an additional suspended car and a motor bogie unit for additional driving wheels to make a five car set, or add two packs to make a seven car set. Each motor bogie unit adds more traction with the only un powered wheels been in the trailer car.

The rram is designed to drive round tight curves (down to 450mm min diameter) and up steep gradients to cope with road conditions rather than rail gradients, so you can build a tram line to run over brdges with steep ramps. Each motor unit has a powerful tank motot driving through a reduction gear onto a drive shaft that then drives worm gears onto each axle with a 49:1 reduction gearing. 

The base three car set is also designed to take our new receiver card and key fob transmitter set that has been programmed for the trams controls for speed, direction and lighting as well as being able to indicate lef or right for tram stops and junctions. 

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Flexity Modular Tram Set

Our modern Flexity Style Tram Set is designed to represent the Bombardier modular tram solution. The..