Our range locomotives are aimed at the 16mm scale garden railway scene in SM32 or G45. The range is Diesel engine, Tram locomotive and Rail Bus set and are supplied in either Evergreen or Slate Grey liveries and available in a choice of gauge from 32mm or 45mm gauge using heavy GRS 24mm insulated wheel sets.
They come ready to run with a set of batteries and working bi-directional head lights. These battery electric locomotives use powerful RS motors driving through a gearbox onto a main drive shaft to power both axles for maximum traction. 
Construction: The locomotives are made from laser cut 3mm plywood and painted in exterior gloss with black underframe and a choice of Slate Grey or Evergreen for livery. The roof is supplied as a curved formed plastic piece. 
The axles use the heavy GRS 25mm diameter insulated wheel sets and are available in either SM32 or G45,. The drive mechanism uses a 20:1 worm gear reduction onto the axles through a 4mm drive shaft held in place with ball race bearings and a reduction gear set of 40:50 from the motor onto the main drive shaft. 
The super bright white LED headlights are directional switched and housed in a steel bezel. This uses a pair of diodes and resistors to reduce the power to 3V for the LED forward current.
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