Seven Eighth Scale Signal Box and Line Side Hut Kit

Seven Eighth Scale Signal Box and Line Side Hut Kit

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A pair of kits to build the 7/8th scale signal box and line side hut that can be used as an out house.

A detailed 7/8th scale signal box with full interior furnishings that include lever fame, desk and chair, book shelf and locker, illuminated log burning stove and wall clock as well as a staff token machine and track indicator panel. The floor space is designed around a 10ft6 by 9ft6 room with raised floor and large windows.

The kit build up a large signal box measuring 245mm by 224mm by 292mm high. Has a built in raised planked floor under which a battery pack and switch are located. 

The left side panel has a doorway and side window with the front havong two large four pane windows and the right panel having a side window, all with 6mm window sills. The interior has walls insert to make 6mm thick main walls for rigidity. 

The line side hut can be built up as a separate building or glued to the roght side of the signal box as an out house.

This planked sided hut is simple to build and comes complete with glazing, interior furnishings to include table, chair, book shelf and peg bracket with a set of tools that include fork, spade, seigth, clippers.

Measures : 154mm x 128mm by 210mm high

Tags: signal box, 7/8th scale