Seven Eighth Refreshment Bar

Seven Eighth Refreshment Bar

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A detailed refreshment stand in 7/8th scale with full interior details and lights. Serving window, side door and tiled roof with illuminated back light sign board. L shaped counter has grill plate and grill with rings (Red LED light under), sink, hot water ern, side wall has shelf unit and set of utnesils, back wall has a cabinate with potatoe oven (RED LED light under) and roof has 10mm white LED light.

This fun kit has everything to build a refreshment bar with large serving window, counter with grill area and sink, toaster, water ern and has a lit potatoe oven for interior details. Works on any supply from 3V-12VDC.

Dimensions are 163mm by 132mm by 210mm high.

Tags: refreshment stand