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A detailed easy kit, to build up a  bogie box van for 16mm scale garden railway in either SM32 or G45 gauge.

The box van has has large sliding doors each side that are designed to operate, the ends have a vent panel and the wooden roof can lift off. 
The bogies are designed to be sturdy and rigged providing smooth running axles using heavy GRS metal wheel sets and brass bearings. The bogies are a build up with two sides, two cross members, two ends and two dowels that lock the bogie frames together supporting optional brake shoes.

The axle boxes and springs that glue on the side frames to make a realistic looking under frame. There are two copper end stops and a bracket that form a tank for the air brake reservoir.
The main body of the box van has two sides and two ends etched with planking, with large sliding doors and a set of runners. The ends then have an air vent. The curved roof is formed with roofing rafters and cross frames with planking.

Van can be used with or without windows. 

The box van is available as a kit for either SM32 or G45 gauges and available in two different widths of 96mm wide or 110mm wide