Diesel Locomotive

Diesel Locomotive

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Our diesel locomotive is designed as a powerful battery electric engine with a large cab one end and large bonnet housing the motor and batteries. The locomotive has vents in the front and sides of the bonnet covered with a wire mesh. The lid of the bonnet is designed to lift off to change the batteries. The locomotive uses a large tank motor diving through a reduction gear onto a drive shaft that then drives on both axles for good traction. The battery pack houses four AA batteries that can be swapped for rechargeable batteries.

The locomotive has LED lighting at the front and rear which provides bi-directional head lights. The locomotive is fully upgradeable to radio control using one of the Yatton receiver cards or your own choice of radio control equipment.

The axels are GRS 25mm metal insulated wheels and uses heavy gauge gears for good reliable running. The axles are mounted into the frame using brass bearings for smooth running. The drive shaft powers a worm gear onto each axle for the best tractive effort.


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