Seven Eighth Scale Semaphore Signals (Pair)

Seven Eighth Scale Semaphore Signals (Pair)

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A pair of large 7/8th scale semaphore signals with working LED ligh and coloured lenses including rear access ladder. The signal post is 14mm by 12mm thick and stands 325mm hight capped with a square post header. The semaophore arms are 95mm by 14mm and have a red and green coloured lens disc in front of a bright 5mm LED lamp for maximum visability. The counter balanced crank lever works with either a wire or string to pull the signal arm up and allows for a drop action. 

The kit includes all parts to build up a pair of sempahore signals and comes with two danger and one distance semaphore arms, two white LED’s. a set of two coloured perspex discs (2 red,2 green and 1 amber) as well as a pack of balots and wire for operating the signal arm. The signal has a base plate48mm by 95mm to give sturdy support to the signal and allows for ground mounting.