Radio Control Starter Set - Live Steam

Radio Control Starter Set - Live Steam

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Live Steam Locomotive Radio Control For SM32 / G Scale




Remote Control for Live Steam Locomotive Garden Railways
Easy Instal 
Long Range
Control upto 12 Trains
Full Instructions
Internal Aerials
Fits:- G Gauge. Narrow Gauge. O Gauge. 1 Gauge
Controls four servos for live steam locomotives

" Tired of chasing Trains around your Layout?"
North Pilton Works have a hand held solution.With the hand held remote you are able to start, brake and control
speed without you, having to move.
Imagine controlling a Train, slowing down at a Station the far side of your layout. Picking the passengers up! and then the Train gracefully pulling away! The hand held remote brings a totally new dimension to Layouts and now with sound option. 
"No Garden Railway is Complete Without Full Remote-Control"


Complete Live Steam Starter Kit

The Kit:-
Remote Hand Held Transmitter
Receiver Module for inside Train (one card)
Full Instructions.
The starter kit is our best seller. This will allow you to operate remotely a Train using the Handset.  One Handset will control up to 12 Trains so all you need to add another train is a receiver module. 



Easy To Install And Use
The Controls:-
  • Direction for forward and reversing. 
  • Braking control both directions.
  • Throttle with step speeds.
  • Push button horn.
Simple to operate. No frequency channel control required. Can wire front and rear lights. Range suitable for indoors and outdoor layouts. Independent control of up to 12 locomotives. Can bind with unlimited numbers of receivers. Very resilient against interference. 
Servo controls for 
  • regulator
  • reverser
  • gas valve/blower
  • whistle
You will need to purchase or have servos fitted in your locomotive as these are not supplied with just the receiver card and the linkage to control your locomotive with servo control needs to be fitted carefully into your model. The servo leads will then simply connect to the receiver card on the output ports.
One card gives you control of the Train motor and lights  Easy one off binding procedure. Will only respond to bound transmitters. Size 45Lx38Wx22H. Please check you have enough space in your Train before ordering. 



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